IAB Brazil is a non-profit organization established in 1998 with the mission of fostering, developing, regulating and promoting the use of interactive media for communication and marketing actions, by means of:

  • Guide the market about how to plan, create, purchase, sell, disseminate and measure commercial messages;
  • Exchanging its members’ experience and expertise;
  • Research and studies that prove the effectiveness of interactive media.

IAB Brazil is a part of an international network of associations, which has offices in more than 43 countries, including the USA, Australia, Singapore, Spain, France, England, Italy, Chile and Mexico. IAB Brasil currently has over 230 members, including industry-leading websites and portals, technology companies, agencies and Web developers in the country, which yields business and professional results to members by generating relevant networking and good negotiations with advertisers, agencies and vehicles alike.

IAB Brazil promotes the domestic and international exchange of experience and expertise by means courses, lectures, publications, articles and research whose results are of common interest to the market, in order to create better business conditions to its members. The management of the Association includes an Executive Board consisting of market professionals elected by the members for a one-year term.