AdTech & Data

Adriano Brandão – Navegg

The AdTech & Data Committee represents the IAB and its three simultaneous vocations: being an industry representative, training professionals in the field and creating a conducive environment for networking and sharing ideas. But the very name of the committee poses an extra challenge: how to isolate the technology component of a naturally technological marketable marketplace like online advertising?

The group’s performance in 2017 reflects the need to be the focal point of traditional players in our market – vehicles, agencies and advertisers, all in search of the “cutting edge” – without losing sight of the fundamental objective of offering ourselves as Safe haven for a growing segment, that of technology suppliers.

In terms of representation, we will open space so that companies from the same area can meet and discuss specific topics, more freely; To meet the objective of education, we will help in reformulating and expanding the courses offered by IAB Brazil, so important for the market and, of course, the already established events and meetings of innovation remain firm.

Branding & Performance

Alexander Greif – SKY Brasil

The main purpose of branding and performance committee will disseminate best practices of advertisers, agencies and digital players, aiming to inform, educate and prepare the market for the new market scenario marketing and advertising from the current digital revolution.

Fraud combating

Paris Piedade Neto / TV Globo / Diretor of Technological Platform

With over 20 years’ experience in the technology marketplace has started his technical career at Microsoft in the 1990s, and when the commercial
internet has begun in Brazil he has set up an access provider Later, he has worked in companies such as Submarino, Realmedia Latin America and Predicta, working internationally with the challenge to understand and using internet as media.

Has developed projects with major vehicles, agencies and advertisers of Brazilian marketplace such as Globo, Abril, Unilever, Ambev, HSBC, Almap, JWT and others.

Legal affairs

Pedro Ramos – Baptista Luz

In an industry highly impacted by technological advancement, paradigm shifts in the business environment need quick and robust legal responses to harmonize the relationship between agencies, advertisers, vehicles, and technology companies. The role of lawyers and lawyers working in the sector should be aimed at proposing innovative solutions that preserve the dynamic character of the market and at the same time provide legal security for business development.

Our vision is that we can foster the formation of this type of professionals and this type of conscience in companies, as well as to contribute positively to the regulatory and self-regulatory agenda of the sector, always being based on respect for Brazilian law, transparency and good faith of Trade, protection of fundamental rights, free enterprise, the global character of modern advertising and the encouragement of innovation.

In 2017, we will continue to foster discussions on topics such as taxation of online advertising activities, protection of personal data, intellectual property and image rights, responsibility for content of advertising and good practices in hiring agencies and digital advertising companies.

Measuring and Analyses

José Calazans – Nielsen

By 2017, the IAB Metrics Committee must accelerate in Brazil the debates that are being held around the world on transparent and comparable metrics between different platforms and media.

In order to reach this international level of knowledge, the Committee developed an agenda that follows what was already discussed and elaborated in previous years and pursues the schedule that was traced by the IAB of the United States, with the support of the IAB of Europe and other countries.


Rafael Magdalena – MUV

This committee aims to raise and streamline the marketplace, through clarification of Mobile universe: involved technologies, users’ behavior, mobile advertising and the role of companies that operate..


Paulo Arruda – Estadão

In 2017 the Vehicle Committee proposes two work fronts that were already addressed in 2016 but which had their concepts evolved and subject to discussion. The first deals with the presentation of the new IAB advertising formats based on the best user experience and applying LEAN and DEAL concepts. This movement is starting in the United States and soon global brands should ask us for such adherence.

In the second major theme we will discuss Native content promotion models as an effective tool both within our pages and to reach audiences beyond our properties. The Native in more mature markets grows by leaps and bounds. Here even more slowly – because of the crisis – but that should come in 2017. New players and new models arrived in the country and we will understand what can be done in this field, especially in the mobile where Native has enough synergy and our audience grows . Finally, we will not stop discussing the already known programmatic and its course in the middle. After all this is the area of ​​industry that has evolved most.

Social media

Elisa Pequini – Social Tailors

In 2016 we talked about many themes that guided the market and brought to the reality of social media. We talked about ad blocking and we argue that content is still king.We talked about videos and we bring to the table the market of digital influencers. We talked about apps and websites and we get involved discussing bots, and how they’re going to change everything. We speak of mobile and well, we continue to hit the key that the world is mobile, until we can educate the whole market about how important these screens are.

For 2017, in the social media committee, our proposal is to create content and discussions to show this importance. It is also generating more and more conversations between client, publishers and agency, so that we understand all sides and thus, we can mature as professionals, making our campaigns and results stronger. Finally, it is to continue talking about trends, what is to come, and what is already.

Trends and Innovation

Edson Ferrão – Abril

The Trends and Innovation Committee believes that what will make the next year better will not be the emergence of a new trend, but what we will do with the cards that are already on the table.

In 2017 we will also be under the influence of the same trends that guided us this year, such as immaterialisation, individualization, sustainability, connectivity, diversity. We will continue to witness the maturation of the sharing economy with the emergence of new models, as well as the evolution of usability in virtual and augmented realities. We will interact with more connected devices and they will also be better trained and have learned to cope better with our routine. If in the next decade we will have 1B of women in the formal economy, be sure that next year we will see the transformations of sheconomy and, at the same time, the emergence of new poles of development that will stimulate a more diverse and creative environment.

And yet, what will change the game will not be to watch these movements happen as a mere observer, but to take part: to discuss, to experiment, to prototype, to test, to swing.


Marcio Figueira – DynAdmic

The mission of the committee is to educate the market through the clarification of the Vídeo universe: technologies, user behavior, video advertising and the role of companies in the video chain.